Housing and Development Grant Management System

Housing and development organizations often rely on grants to get the funding they need for tasks like developing urban communities, building affordable housing and creating homeless shelters. Because these grants go toward such vital projects, you must manage them well. However, federal grant management for housing can be challenging due to its complexity and heavy involvement. 

You can ensure exceptional grant tracking with housing and development grant management systems from IGX Solutions. Our cutting-edge software manages grants throughout their life cycles by monitoring, assessing and reporting grant information with a high level of accuracy and regulatory compliance. Our solution’s application-based approach makes it efficient and easy to use.

Housing Grant Tracking Software

Housing Grant Tracking Software

Even though housing and development companies benefit from grants, they sometimes struggle to manage them. Grant management for housing creates various obstacles for organizations, such as:

  • Lack of visibility: Without visibility into your grants’ return on investment (ROI), you may be unable to measure their performance accurately. 
  • Multiple portfolio locations: Grant portfolios contain many moving parts, which is why your organization should store them in a centralized environment to ensure efficient tracking and management.
  • Regulatory compliance: Though regulatory compliance is crucial for housing organizations, complying with reporting requirements can be challenging due to their ever-changing nature.
  • Inefficient record-keeping: Combining paper and digital record-keeping solutions to monitor grant data can lead to inefficient tracking.
  • Outdated legacy systems: Many housing and development groups still use obsolete legacy systems for grant management, but these older solutions typically lack the reporting capabilities to handle these tasks.
  • Poor communication: Miscommunications can occur when your organization’s internal and external parties try to share information, leading to inaccuracies in your grant data.
  • Lack of time: Your agency has many significant responsibilities like project planning and development building, and adding grant management to this list can leave you overbooked and pressed for time. 
  • Insufficient internal controls: Organizations with many members, departments and subrecipients often lack the necessary internal controls to manage their housing grants. 
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Streamline Federal Grant Management for Housing

At IGX Solutions, we offer a robust housing and development grant management system that allows users to view, retrieve, assess, report and monitor grant information from a single web-based environment. When you use IntelliGrants to streamline your housing grant tracking, you can improve your overall process controls, administration and visibility. 

IntelliGrants showcases next-level capabilities to benefit your organization, including:

Housing and Development Grant Management System

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You can manage your organization’s grants seamlessly when using cutting-edge grant management software from IGX Solutions. It’s our mission to provide customers with systems that enable them to improve their workflows, enhance reporting and save time and money.

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