Grant Management Software for Local Governments

Local Government Grant Management

Grant Management Software for Local Governments

Local governments often depend on grants to fund programs and activities that serve the community, such as waste collection, parks maintenance, urban planning, and local laws. Managing these grants is more complex than many organizations realize. You must be prepared to track them throughout their life cycle, a responsibility that takes extensive time and effort.

You can ensure your grants are adequately maintained with reliable grant management software for local governments. Grant management systems use an application-based approach to help city, county, and municipal governments track, analyze, and report their grant data accurately and efficiently.

At IGX Solutions, we provide one of the best cutting-edge grant management solutions for local government that reflects our high performance and reliability standards. We bring our clients top-of-the-line software as a service (SaaS) tools for funding administration.

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Offering Local Government Grant Management Solutions

Offering Local Government Grant Management Solutions

Though grants are excellent resources for local governments, managing them often proves challenging. Some typical obstacles that come with grant management for city governments and municipalities include:

  • Inefficient record-keeping: Some local governments use systems that rely on digital and paper record-keeping sources, resulting in data management inefficiencies. 
  • Lack of time: Local governments have no shortage of responsibilities, from passing laws to providing services to maintaining public spaces. With so many daily duties, governments don’t always have time to add grant management to the list. 
  • Multiple portfolio locations: Grant portfolios feature many components, and storing and managing them without a centralized location can be challenging.
  • Extensive regulatory requirements: Municipal governments must comply with regulatory requirements when managing their grants for accountability purposes.
  • Lack of visibility: If you don’t have visibility into your return on investment (ROI) from your grants, it can be difficult to accurately measure grant performance. 
  • Insufficient internal controls: Governments with multiple departments and subrecipients often lack the internal controls necessary to facilitate the grant management process. 
  • Outdated legacy systems: Older systems are often incapable of the reporting needed to manage grants accurately and efficiently. 
  • Poor communication: Facilitating clear communication between internal and external parties throughout the grant management process poses a challenge, which can lead to inaccurate results.  

The key to resolving these concerns is dependable grant management software for local government.

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Streamline Local Government Grant Tracking

You can review, retrieve, assess, report and track grant information from a centralized location using IntelliGrants. Our web-based local government grant management solution facilitates accurate and efficient grant management for municipalities. The software improves workflow with more effective process control, visibility, and administration. 

Explore the features you can access when you choose IntelliGrants as your grant management software. 

Data Management

You can ensure your performance data is fully accurate using our grant management software for governments. IntelliGrants has advanced data management features that minimize data entry errors on the spot. It also offers complete data controls that governments can use to restrict incomplete submissions, eliminate entry duplications, and automatically calculate allocations and payments.

Stakeholder Information

IntelliGrants simplifies grant presentations and submissions by providing complete visibility into your municipality’s grant data. Our innovative government grant software has a wide assortment of custom reporting capabilities, data visualization features, and real-time performance reviews you can use to gain valuable grant insights.

Time Management

Grant administration duties are often time-sensitive. That’s why we programmed our grant management solution with email notifications and in-system alerts that notify users of any upcoming deadlines. These reminders help users accomplish essential grant administration tasks and reporting requirements on time.

Reporting Compliance

With IntelliGrants, you can ensure your local government adheres to all compliance requirements when auditing and reporting. Our local government grant tracking software supports your unique reporting specifications to ensure all grant submissions are accurate and comply with regulatory standards. It also compiles years of your municipality’s reporting data on a granular level for better traceability.

Fiscal Reporting

IntelliGrants streamlines financial reporting with accounting tools that monitor and record core expense information with incredible accuracy. Having correct, current fiscal reports ensures your government can record grant data across its complete life cycle.

Application Management

Handling grant applications and awards can be time-consuming — but not with IntelliGrants. Our grant management software for local governments enables effortless application management, allowing users to gather, review, and standardize each proposal with complete insights and straightforward amendments. Our system helps users pinpoint the most qualified applicants for every grant.

Grant Management Software for Local Governments

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Facilitate local government grant management with software from IGX Solutions. We help users better manage workflows, simplify reporting, and save time and money.

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