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Workflow Management Tools 

Workflow management tools are essential for improving processes through automation and flexibility. They allow government agencies, nonprofits, transportation agencies, and more to oversee their operations with greater depth and simplicity. What’s more, these web-based resources remain adaptable and scalable, letting them adjust to changing business needs and models.

A primary advantage of workflow management tools in grant administration is their ability to help users save time and money. Retrieving information and gathering data for financial analysis is easier with automation, so when it all comes together in a centralized source, employees recapture administrative time to focus on other tasks. 

IGX Solutions’ complete grant management and workflow improvement tools are ideal for industries like:

State Government: Our robust grant management system can optimize workflows, generate efficiencies, and unify diverse statewide processes across multiple government agencies. 

Local Government: Our IntelliGrants platform is ideally suited to meet the grant management needs for city and county governments to seamlessly manage fund administration, contract terms, compliance, and all related approval processes. 

Tribal Government: Streamline and facilitate your grant funding with our simple, efficient, and easy-to-use platform that eliminates unnecessary guesswork and outdated administrative work. 

Educational Institution: Our centralized, secure, full-service system gives lower and higher learning educational institutions the capacity and flexibility to eliminate manual processes and automatically generate standardized reports. 

Health Care: Configure, centralize, and optimize your grant management process while reducing cumbersome processes, administrative burdens, and unmanageable employee workloads. 

Nonprofit: Nonprofits can easily manage all data related to the complete life cycle of their grants in our comprehensive and user-friendly workflow station. 

Who We Serve Who We Serve
Who We Serve

Partner With a Leader in Grant Management Software & Workflow Solutions

IGX Solutions is a market-leading provider of workflow management software. Our flagship product — IntelliGrants®  IGX — streamlines processes for organizations of all types to improve their productivity, efficiency and compliance.

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