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Workflow Management Tools 

Workflow management tools are essential for improving processes through automation and customization flexibility. They allow government agencies, nonprofits and more to oversee their operations with greater depth and simplicity. What’s more, these web-based resources remain adaptable and scalable, letting them adjust to changing business needs and models.

A primary advantage of workflow management tools in grant administration is their ability to help users save time and money. Retrieving information and gathering data for financial analysis is easier with automation, so when it all comes together in a centralized source, employees recapture administrative time to focus on other tasks. 

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Who We Serve

Partner With a Leader in Workflow Management Solutions

IGX Solutions is a market-leading provider of workflow management software. Our flagship product — IntelliGrants®  IGX — streamlines processes for organizations of all types to improve their productivity, efficiency and compliance.

Ready to see how we can improve your processes while saving your organization time and money? Request your web-based demonstration to see IntelliGrants® IGX in action. An IGX Solutions representative will answer any questions and show you the product features and benefits. Reserve your time slot now!

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