Grant Management for Health Care

Organizations in the health care field are often awarded grants with funding they can use toward many vital operations, such as developing drugs, creating behavioral health programs and training health care providers. As a result, these institutions can improve patient outcomes.

Because grants contribute to so many important causes, your organization must manage them properly. Health care grant management is often tedious and time-consuming, posing challenges for many facilities.

You can efficiently handle your grant data across their life cycles with health care grant management software from IGX Solutions. Our world-class platform tracks, evaluates and reports grant information with excellent compliance and accuracy using an application-based approach.

Health Care Grant Management Software

Health Care Grant Management Software

While health care facilities benefit from grants tremendously, they can also create some operational difficulties. Some of the primary obstacles organizations face in managing their grants include:

  • Outdated legacy systems: If your health care facility uses legacy systems for grant management, these solutions may not have the updated capabilities needed for adequate reporting.
  • Lack of visibility: Accurately measuring grant performance can be challenging for organizations that don’t have visibility into their grants’ return on investments (ROIs). 
  • Inefficient record-keeping: Some health care facilities use a combination of paper and digital record-keeping strategies to handle their grant data, leading to significant tracking inefficiencies. 
  • Poor communication: When an organization’s internal and external parties exchange information, they often struggle to communicate clearly. This miscommunication can result in data inaccuracies.
  • Multiple portfolio locations: Because your grant portfolio contains many complex elements, it’s important that you store and manage them in a single place. 
  • Lack of time: Your establishment likely undertakes many highly involved tasks daily, such as checking in patients, providing medical treatments and ensuring proper facility sanitization. With so many crucial responsibilities, you may not have time for grant management. 
  • Insufficient internal controls: Most health care establishments comprise various departments, members and subrecipients but don’t have the necessary internal controls to support them in their grant management.  
  • Regulatory compliance: Complying with regulatory requirements is critical for maintaining security and accountability in health care facilities. However, keeping up with these stringent standards can be challenging.
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Streamline Health Care Grant Management

When you choose IntelliGrants as your health care grant reporting tool, you can seamlessly view, gather, evaluate, monitor and report your facility’s grant information using a centralized location. Our easy-to-use platform is your solution for enhancing your institution’s grant visibility, administration and process controls.

Some of the many benefits of our grant management software for health care include:

Grant Management for Health Care

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Facilitating health care grant management for your facility is seamless with innovative software from IGX Solutions. We’re dedicated to helping users save time and money, improving workflow management and simplifying reporting. 

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