Grant Management Solutions for Tribes

Grants provide tribal governments with funds to create and implement crucial programs and projects to serve needs like wildlife conservation, economic development and Native language preservation. While these grants are necessary, managing them throughout their life cycles takes extensive time and effort.

You can take the complexity out of grant management with tribal government grant tracking solutions. This software employs an application-based approach to help tribes track, evaluate and report grant-related data while complying with changing regulatory requirements. 

At IGX Solutions, we offer state-of-the-art grant management solutions for tribes that help users improve funding administration while saving valuable time and money.

Grant Management Solution for Tribal Governments

Grant Management Solution for Tribal Governments

Though grants play a critical role in tribal governments, obstacles can get in the way of managing them properly. Some of the primary challenges of grant management for tribes include:

  • Regulatory compliance: Tribes have to adhere to many strict regulatory standards when managing grants to fulfill accountability requirements, and complying with these ever-changing rules can pose ongoing challenges.
  • Outdated legacy systems: Older legacy systems do not often have the reporting capabilities to manage grants adequately.
  • Lack of time: Tribal governments have extensive responsibilities ranging from passing laws to building infrastructure systems to imposing taxes, leaving little room for grant management.
  • Insufficient internal controls: Tribal governments with various departments and subrecipients often lack the internal controls needed to accelerate grant management. 
  • Poor communication: Any miscommunications between internal and external parties in the grant management process can create significant data inaccuracies.
  • Lack of visibility: Governments that don’t have visibility into their grants’ return on investments (ROIs) experience difficulty accurately measuring grant performance. 
  • Inefficient record-keeping: Combined paper and digital approaches to grant data record-keeping can create information tracking inefficiencies.
  • Multiple portfolio locations: Because grant portfolios contain many elements, storing and managing them can be challenging without a centralized location. 
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Streamline Tribal Grant Management

You can manage, analyze, report and track your grant data seamlessly through a centralized location with IntelliGrants. Our grants management system for tribal governments facilitates grant visibility, administration and control, enabling you to achieve the following advantages for your tribe:

Grant Management Solutions for Tribes

Leverage a Dependable Grants Management System for Tribal Governments

You can efficiently handle, analyze and record your grant data with grant management solutions for tribes from IGX Solutions. We’re taking our market into the future by providing organizations with grant management systems that are more responsive and easier to use than ever. With our solutions, you can manage all grant information across their complete life cycles using a single user-friendly environment. 

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