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IntelliGrants IGX

IntelliGrants® IGX: Grant Management Software

IntelliGrants IGX

Grants are vital to carrying out your organization’s missions and supporting community programs. Yet, administering them efficiently throughout their life span can be challenging. 

Grant administration requires communication with numerous stakeholders, and keeping up with changing regulatory environments can create issues. Performance tracking is essential for maintaining accountability, but existing legacy systems aren’t really that practical. Coordinating record-keeping between digital and paper sources is inefficient, and a lack of streamlined tools, resources and processes adds frustration to the work of a staff that may already be stretched thin. 

You know a centralized grant management system would produce better outcomes. IntelliGrants® — our premier grant workflow management software — can help. 

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IntelliGrants IGX

New IntelliGrants IGX 1.1 Product Bundle 

IntelliGrants IGX has improved processes for nonprofits, educational institutions, governments, transportation agencies, and more thanks to its purpose-built features for grant management and data tracking. IntelliGrants IGX offers benefits in communication, time management, performance review and more. Our newest product bundle includes features that provide even further usability and functionality. 

Working with an older version of IntelliGrants IGX and want to take advantage of the new features? Reach out to your account manager or project lead to learn more about the new bundle. Features can be added individually, or save money by purchasing the entire bundle. 

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What is IntelliGrants IGX?

IGX Solutions is moving the grant management software market forward with our robust and responsive program design. Our application is the market leader among grant management software solutions, ideal for state, city, county, tribal and federal government clients. See complete grant data from a centralized point. Our platform features intuitive navigation, allowing staff to review and report on grant data across the entirety of the funding life span. Track status and information from pre-application and origination stages through closeout. 

IntelliGrants IGX adapts to a wide range of uses thanks to its incredible versatility — tailored configuration options allow it to serve valuable purposes beyond grant management. Our software has found homes in various case management scenarios, from jail inspection programs to tracking special education data. This flexibility also makes it an ideal choice for health care applications and nonprofits.

If your workflows call for review, approval and reporting operations, IntelliGrants IGX fits the bill! IGX adapts the platform with the precise controls your application needs. We’ll personalize program features, data gathering and reporting functions to match your company’s processes and goals. IGX can also add your logos and branding for a truly individualized software solution.

Benefits of Full-Service Grant Workflow Management Software

Benefits of Full-Service Grant Workflow Management Software

Full-service grant management software helps you streamline your workflows for more effective administration, visibility and process controls.

IntelliGrants IGX operates using a centralized web-based system for the ultimate efficiency. All your crucial data stays in one place for straightforward retrieval, analysis, reporting and management. That means no more outdated systems relying on different tools, papers and files — you’ll have the information you need at your fingertips.

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Product Benefits

Among IntelliGrants IGX’s many product advantages, you’ll find:


Adhere to cybersecurity best practices with multifactor authentication and tailored user-level permissions. HIPAA certification is also in progress to deliver peace of mind for sensitive data like personal health information.


Provide a more inclusive user experience for those of all abilities. IGX embraces modern accessibility standards.


Audit and report with confidence. The program maintains years of history to granular levels for traceability. Plus, our platform supports your federal reporting requirements, ensuring accurate submissions.


Interface with other programs and perform required data verifications with ease. IntellIGrants IGX is fully compatible with GIS mapping, and USPS address validation tools.


Work across different devices or from other locations. Our web-based grant management software solution uses responsive design to adapt to various screen sizes and includes helpful self-service tools.


Adjust our industry-leading templates to fit your processes and business needs, or add branding for a personal touch.


Adapt to shifting demands with our fully scalable software. We support quick additions of users, permissions and resources, allowing you to take advantage of opportunities as they happen.


Increase service levels and efficiencies. Our automated tools help you maximize productivity and focus on mission-critical tasks.

Consistent upgrades

Take advantage of the latest features and benefits as soon as we implement them. We regularly roll out new integrations and functions to improve the software.

User Benefits

User Benefits

IntelliGrants IGX is the industry’s most versatile grant management software, with personalized configurations to support a variety of workflows. Our robust web-based software delivers a better user experience for:

  • Application management: Handle applications and awards effortlessly. IntelliGrants IGX allows for complete insight and straightforward amendments from origination to closeout.
  • Performance review: Coordinate inspections and performance data crucial to grant and award management from a centralized source. Our platform helps you monitor grantees and conduct regular checkpoints.
  • Fiscal reporting: Track and process core expense data with accuracy. The robust accounting tools make financial reporting a breeze.
  • Stakeholder information: Make submissions and presentations painless. Our IntelliGrants IGX program includes visualization tools, real-time summaries and custom reporting capability to give you total visibility into your agency’s data.
  • Data management: Fund accounts and reduce errors with full data controls. Our platform helps eliminate duplicate entries, blocks incomplete submissions and performs automatic calculations for accurate payments and allocations.

    IntelliGrants IGX

  • Communication: Message with high efficiency and less effort. IntelliGrants IGX supports custom distribution lists and multiple quick-fill templates to make communication straightforward. 
  • Time management: Get in-system alerts and email reminders for critical deadlines to keep reporting and grant administration tasks on schedule.
IntelliGrants IGX

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Discover all the benefits that IGX Solutions IntelliGrants IGX delivers for your operation. Our team is happy to answer questions online or during a live product demonstration where you can experience IntelliGrants IGX in action. Contact a sales representative for more information or schedule your live demo now.

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