IntelliGrants Benefits

IntelliGrants Benefits

IntelliGrants IGX is uniquely designed for grant management. Our robust and responsive program design supports applicants, admins and reviewers alike.  IntelliGrants IGX uses a centralized web-based system to secure all of your data in one place.

Our efficient, user-friendly platform enables agencies to manage each stage of grant management, from pre-application to closeout.


IntelliGrants Benefits

How IntelliGrants Works

  • Create Personalized Grant Applications 
  • Configure Custom Workflow & Review Process
  • Track All Communication In Grant Process
  • Out-Of-The Box & Custom Reporting 

IntelliGrants IGX Product Benefits

  • Security
  • Compliance
  • Personalization 
  • Consistent Upgrades
  • Integration Possibilities

Full-service grant management software helps you streamline your workflows for more effective administration, visibility and process controls. Experience IntelliGrants IGX in action and schedule a live product demonstration today.