Grant Management Software for Federal Government

Federal grants serve as a primary means of providing government support by funding programs, public services and other projects designed to stimulate the economy. A dependable federal grants management system is key to maintaining these grants.

Our government grant management software employs application-based processes with ease while keeping up with changing regulatory standards. These solutions are ideal for federal-level agencies ranging from the Department of Education to the Department of Transportation (DOT) to the Department of Justice (DOJ) — no matter your area, you can manage, analyze, and report grant-related data with ease.

At IGX Solutions, we offer state-of-the-art grant management software for government agencies that set the standard for funds administration.

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Grant Management Solutions for Federal Government Agencies

Grant Management Solutions for Federal Government Agencies

Federal grant programs offer immense benefits to the communities they serve, so efficient management is essential. Some of the most common obstacles to federal grant management include:

  • Lack of time: As a federal agency, you have considerable responsibilities on your plate, from resource management to industry regulation to administrative duties. With so many tasks to undertake, agencies often struggle to find the time to manage their own federal grant software. 
  • Extensive regulatory requirements: Government agencies must comply with many regulatory standards to ensure optimal accountability and security when managing grants. Understanding and adhering to these complex protocols can be challenging.
  • Inefficient record-keeping: Many agencies coordinate record-keeping between digital and paper sources, creating information management inefficiencies.
  • Outdated legacy systems: Obsolete legacy systems typically cannot handle the many reporting requirements for adequate grant management.
  • Lack of visibility: Many federal government agencies lack visibility into their return on investment (ROI), making it difficult to measure grant performance and success.
  • Insufficient internal controls: Agencies that contain numerous departments, members and subrecipients often face a lack of internal controls for grant management.
  • Multiple portfolio locations: Managing complex grant portfolios can be challenging without a centralized location. 
  • Poor communication: Many federal government agencies find it difficult to clearly communicate with all internal and external parties involved in their grant management processes.

If you’ve experienced any of these issues, consider investing in grant management software for federal government.

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Streamline Grant Reporting & More with Federal Grants Management Software

IntelliGrants is our intuitive grants management software for government agencies. This robust web-based solution enables federal agencies to view, retrieve, analyze, report and track their grant data from the convenience of a centralized location. When you use IntelliGrants to manage your grants, you can streamline your workflows and facilitate more effective administration, process control and visibility.

Our grant management system comprises a complete suite of cutting-edge capabilities ideal for federal agencies.

Application Management

Your agency likely reviews countless grant applications per day. IntelliGrants makes managing these applications seamless, allowing users to collect, review and standardize each submission with straightforward amendments and complete insights from origination to closeout. With our federal grants management system, you can identify the best applications for your grants.

Time Management

We understand that many grant administration tasks are time-sensitive. That’s why IntelliGrants is programmed with in-system alerts and email reminders to notify agencies of upcoming deadlines. These consistent notifications ensure you run reports and complete grant management duties on time.

Data Management

IntelliGrants minimizes data entry errors with its data management capabilities. Our platform enables users to fund accounts using complete data controls designed to eliminate duplicate entries, automatically calculate payments and allocations, and block incomplete submissions. We make sure your performance data is accurate.

Reporting Compliance

You can verify that your organization complies with all regulatory standards with our grant tracking software for government agencies. IntelliGrants supports your organization’s federal reporting requirements to ensure accurate submissions according to compliance standards. It also stores years of your agency’s granular reporting history, meaning all prior data is easily traceable.

Stakeholder Information

You can achieve complete visibility into your government agency’s grant data with our advanced software. This program is equipped with a comprehensive array of visualization tools, custom reporting capabilities, and real-time performance summaries that give significant insights into your data.

Fiscal Reporting

Financial reporting is simple with the fiscal reporting features from IntelliGrants. Our government grant software comprises reliable accounting tools that track and process your agency’s core expense data with exceptional accuracy. When your financial reports are accurate and up to date, you can easily report on grant data across the entirety of its funding life cycle.

Grant Management Software for Federal Government

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Employ grant management tracking for government agencies with grant management software from IGX Solutions. We’ve spent over 25 years providing governments, nonprofits and educational institutions across the nation with world-class grant management solutions. Our mission is to achieve optimal customer satisfaction by helping customers improve their workflows while saving time, money and resources. 

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