Transportation Grant Management Solution

Grants often support the initiatives of grant transportation agencies, funding activities like road, rail and port projects, public transportation improvements and transportation infrastructure investments. Ultimately, these grants promote safe, accessible and efficient transportation systems.

Because transportation grants serve such a vital purpose, managing them correctly is critical. However, tracking and reporting grant data can be a complex and laborious process, especially for organizations with many obligations. That’s where transportation grant management solutions come in.

At IGX Solutions, we help agencies streamline transportation grant management tracking with our top-of-the-line software. This platform utilizes an application-based approach to track, assess and report all grant data with total compliance and precision.

Grant Management Software for Transportation Agencies

Grant Management Software for Transportation Agencies

While grants play a significant role in improving transportation avenues, their management can be challenging for organizations to undertake. Some of the most common obstacles transportation departments face when managing their grants include:

  • Lack of time: Your transportation agency likely handles many vital responsibilities each day, dedicating most of its time and energy to these tasks. With so many duties, there’s often little time left for adequate grant management. 
  • Multiple portfolio locations: Grant portfolios contain many disparate components that must be compiled in a centralized environment. If you use more than one portfolio location, you risk creating considerable tracking and management inefficiencies. 
  • Insufficient internal controls: Transportation agencies with numerous members, departments and subrecipients often lack the internal controls to manage their grants as efficiently as needed.
  • Outdated legacy systems: Using obsolete legacy systems for grant management means your platform may not have the capabilities required to handle the full extent of your reporting needs. 
  • Lack of visibility: It’s important to have complete visibility into your grants’ return on investment (ROI). Otherwise, it can be challenging to determine their overall performance accurately. 
  • Inefficient record-keeping: Though many organizations use a combination of paper and digital recording systems for their grant information, these record-keeping strategies can result in data tracing inefficiencies. 
  • Regulatory compliance: All transportation agencies must adhere to regulatory standards when managing grants. These provisions change frequently, making compliance more challenging to achieve and maintain. 
  • Poor communication: If miscommunications occur between your internal and external parties, you may experience data inconsistencies. 
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Streamline Transportation Grant Management Tracking

With our advanced transportation grant management solution, you can view, collect, analyze, track and report grant data easily and efficiently from a centralized source. When managing your grant with IntelliGrants, you can improve your workflows by achieving more effective visibility, administration and process control.

IntelliGrants has all the following capabilities:

Transportation Grant Management Solution

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You can optimize your transportation organization’s grant management capabilities with solutions from IGX Solutions. It’s our mission to develop grant management systems that help users improve their reporting while saving time and money.

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