New IntelliGrants IGX 1.1 Bundle Released!

New IntelliGrants IGX 1.1 Bundle Released!

What’s New?

IntelliGrants IGX has improved processes for nonprofits, educational institutions, governments and more, thanks to its purpose-built features for grant management and data tracking. IntelliGrants IGX offers benefits in communication, time management, performance review and more, and the newest product bundle provides even further usability and functionality. 

In-System Support Toolset:

The in-system support toolset simplifies help requests, so you can improve your platform experience faster and get the most from its functions. The toolset allows you to ask questions within the application — no phone calls or emails required. When you send a support request, the system delivers it to the appropriate team members for fast resolution.

Letter Generator:

The IntelliGrants system creates reports based on the letter templates you configure and how you send them. Easily refer to historical data to repeat processes and boost productivity throughout the year.

Exportable Reports:

IntelliGrants IGX 1.1 maintains an extensive list of valuable reports that you can search, filter, sort and export as needed. Staying connected to critical system information through these reports is essential for performance, security and compliance. 

The new IntelliGrants IGX 1.1 package is now available to all of our current IntelliGrants IGX customers. Product Features can be added individually or save by purchasing the entire bundle. 

Reach out to your account or project lead or fill out the form below for more information!