IntelliGrants IGXpress:
Grant Management Software

For organizations seeking a faster, more affordable option for grant management, IGX Solutions offers IntelliGrants IGXpress as a pre-configured setup version of IntelliGrants IGX.

Many agencies face limited administrative resources that lead to hurdles in application reviewing. Minimal communication between stakeholders can lead to inconsistent reviewing processes, and legacy systems may need a boost to meet application volume. Other possible challenges include:

  • Short timelines for launch
  • Limited budgets
  • Changing regulations

Our new IntelliGrants IGXpress software delivers all the benefits of our expert grant management practices to organizations that need a less intensive solution. IGXpress is a pre-configured version of our IntelliGrants IGX software that has expedited launch times. You get to enjoy the expertise and efficiency of our software while keeping within budget and staying within timeline through its pre-configured format.

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What Is IntelliGrants IGXpress?

For organizations seeking a more affordable approach to grant management that fits their condensed schedules, IntelliGrants IGXpress emerges as an efficient and effective solution. Tailored specifically for those with limited budgets or timelines, IGXpress blends affordability and productivity.

At IGX, we understand that every organization has different needs. IntelliGrants IGXpress offers users a pre-configured package that streamlines essential grant management processes while reducing grant management software costs. It delivers efficient, practical functions without the more intensive start processes of customization.

With our grants management software, you experience:

  • Intuitive navigation
  • Status tracking for grant creation, application and review
  • Flexibility for many use cases
  • Personalized data gathering and reporting features
  • Logo and branding opportunities for your organization
  • Personalized grant applications
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How It Works

Streamline the entire grant-making process with IntelliGrants IGXpress. Our efficient, user-friendly platform enables agencies to manage each stage of grant management, from pre-application to closeout. IntelliGrants IGXpress does so with four primary functions:

Our intuitive application tool allows your agency to develop a sleek, easy-to-use application for grantees. Gain complete insight from your configurable applications and address amendments as needed from origination to closeout.

All agencies have different workflow demands for the grant management process. Personalize your application review process and scoring approach to reflect your organization’s needs. Make thoughtful and informed decisions with built-in collaboration tools and monitor recipient performance to keep grant management thorough and fair. 

Throughout grant management, administrators, reviewers and grantees need to communicate to keep the process running smoothly. IntelliGrants IGXpress offers seamless communication tools that keep all stakeholders informed and engaged. Collaborate in real time within an application to improve decision-making, and keep in touch with applicants through follow-up communications. Access historical communications at any time for your reference.

IntelliGrants IGXpress uses advanced reporting tools to measure powerful metrics like applicant data and the total amount of money granted to recipients. These reporting tools allow you to visualize data in a simplified view to see the impact of your grants and showcase the value of your program. User-friendly reporting features also enable grantees to track critical information to send to your program, letting you gain visibility into the use of your funds.

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Hear from Our Clients

Iowa Department of Justice, Office Of the Attorney General logo, an IGX Solutions client.

Our workflow has improved immensely since we launched IntelliGrants IGX. The functionality of the system has automated several laborious tasks, such as contract creation, equipment tracking, account fund management, grant monitoring and application review.

While we are still relatively new IntelliGrants users, it’s difficult to say how much time we save with this system, as we are still testing and training new users. This system is more automated than our prior system and therefore, tasks that used to take hours, now take minutes to complete.

– Iowa Attorney General’s Office, Crime Victim Assistance Division (CVAD)


“Working with Agate over the past few years has been a great experience. Their extensive knowledge and guidance has helped our office become more efficient and productive when it comes to the online grant system. Their support staff has been able to take my questions and inquiries and enhance the online experience for all users.”

– Michigan State Police Office of Highway Safety Planning

State of Minnesota Department of Public Safety logo, an IGX Solutions client.

“[Agate] worked diligently with DPS to customize the E-Grants system in order to meet the different business needs of our divisions. DPS divisions process several types of federal grants and can have varying process workflows to support these needs. [Agate] was able to incorporate these separate needs, while maintaining centralized parts of the process, such as financial processing and reporting. With their customizations, the system ensures DPS is in compliance with federal regulations, state policies, and procedures.”

– MNIT – Department of Public Safety

Key Features

IntelliGrants IGXpress delivers simple grant management for organizations that want an out-of-the-box solution. Here are the key features it offers:


Key features security


Adhere to cybersecurity best practices with multifactor authentication and tailored user-level permissions. HIPAA certification is also in progress to deliver peace of mind for sensitive data like personal health information.

Key features accessibility


IGXpress delivers an intuitive, minimal-training-needed system. 

A Guide to Better Grant Reporting and Accurate Financials


Audit and report with confidence. The program maintains years of history to granular levels for traceability. Plus, our platform supports your federal reporting requirements, ensuring accurate submissions.

Key features security


Interface with other programs and perform required data verifications with ease. IntelliGrants IGXpress is fully compatible with GIS mapping, and USPS address validation tools.

Key features accessibility


Work across different devices or from other locations. Our web-based grant management software solution uses responsive design to adapt to various screen sizes and includes helpful self-service tools.


Adjust our industry-leading templates to fit your processes and business needs, or add branding for a personal touch.


Adapt to shifting demands with our fully scalable software. We support quick additions of users, permissions and resources, allowing you to take advantage of opportunities as they happen.


Increase service levels and efficiencies. Our automated tools help you maximize productivity and focus on mission-critical tasks.

Key features security

Consistent upgrades

Take advantage of the latest features and benefits as soon as we implement them. We regularly roll out new integrations and functions to improve the software.

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