How to Choose the Best Grant Management Partner

How to Choose the Best Grant Management Partner

How to Choose the Best Grant Management Partner

Grant management software helps organizations manage grants more effectively. Many grant management companies offer their services to organizations, making it challenging to narrow down options. With the right preparation and research, you can find the best grant partners for your organization.

How Can Grant Management Software Benefit Your Organization?

Grant management software streamlines every step of grant processing, from the initial application to tracking spending. The systems use application templates, data reports, and user-friendly dashboards to organize grant information. The technology keeps all your grant data in one centralized location, making it easier to manage applications and view updates.

The right grant application management software benefits organizations in many ways, including:

1. It Saves Time

Grant management requires many administrative tasks. Manual and repetitive tasks are time-consuming for organizations and often slow productivity. Filling out grant applications requires workers to gather large amounts of data, which can take significant time.

Grant management software streamlines these workflows, letting your organization work more efficiently. It saves time with features like:

  • Streamlined grant applications: Software makes starting grant applications easier with pre-made templates. You can develop templates according to your organization’s specifications, and then use them to save time. Grant management software also syncs data from organizational systems, automatically filling in various tabs. Instead of manually typing organizational details, the technology transfers the information instantly.
  • Automatic reports: Grant-funded organizations use reports to prove they meet compliance standards. Your software can organize grant details into user-friendly reports without manual input. 

You can also automate grant management on other levels, creating a comprehensive solution. Instead of spending extra time gathering and formatting information, workers can focus on higher-value tasks.

2. It Improves Visibility

A grant funding solution also improves visibility across your organization. With all your grant data in a centralized, organized location, you can quickly retrieve and apply information to various tasks. All authorized users, such as employees and recipients, can view real-time grant activity. Everyone accesses the same data, increasing accuracy across different departments.

Internal transparency helps you identify inefficiencies within your workflows. For instance, you might have duplicate steps that occur because of miscommunications or inaccurate information. If workers retrieve data from disparate applications, it increases the chances of errors. Creating a centralized hub for grant details makes the details more accessible and accurate for everyone.

3. It Increases Funding

Grant management software can also make it easier to find funding opportunities. Many options feature searchable databases that contain comprehensive lists of available grant funds. Advanced databases can alert you of new grant opportunities, preventing you from manual searches.

You can sort options according to your industry, desired funding amount, or other details. Your software also makes the application process easier by storing your organizational details. You can quickly apply to opportunities with autofill features and other streamlined tools. The streamlined process lets you apply for more grant opportunities in less time.

How to Choose a Grant Management Partner

How to Choose a Grant Management Partner

You need a vendor that provides sufficient support to gain the full benefits of grant management software. Some providers offer stellar features and ongoing support, making them feel more like partners than vendors.

As you search for a software vendor, you might wonder how to narrow down available options. Here are four steps to help you find the best grant management software:

1. Consider Your Goals and Budget

Before investing, consider your goals for the change and your available budget. Think about why you want a new software partner. For instance, you might want to update an outdated system or address a specific inefficiency within your workflows. List the specific ways new grants tracking software could help you reach these goals. For instance, it might contain automated features that resolve your most significant inefficiencies.

Identifying your goals helps you look for particular features during your search. You can look for software partners that align with your goals. That way, you make the most of your partnership.

In addition, you should outline a budget before starting your search. Costs can vary depending on organizational size, number of features, and other traits. By setting up a price limit beforehand, you can find grant management system solutions that meet your needs and fit within your price range.

2. Use Testimonials During Research

After you have goals and a budget in mind, you can research providers that meet those needs. Client testimonials are an excellent source for your research. They provide an unfiltered look into the software provider’s efficiency, support, and other crucial traits.

You can find testimonials from many sources, including:

  • Review websites: Review websites provide spaces for users to share their experiences with particular brands or services. Users typically write a short description of their experience and a rating based on a certain number of stars. Most websites encourage respondents to be completely honest, which makes their answers more valuable. After narrowing down potential providers, you can compare their ratings across different sites. 
  • Forums: Online forums also allow clients to share experiences with different vendors. You can find forums that align with your specific search, such as grant association forums.
  • Colleague references: Professional colleagues are another credible resource. You can ask local grant-funded organizations about their experiences with grant award management software and whether they recommend a particular provider.

3. Learn About Product Features

Testimonials should help you narrow down vendors to a smaller list. To find the best fit, compare the options based on their available features. Providers should explain their software’s capabilities and how it benefits your organization. Many organizations request demos from vendors to view firsthand how the software would function for their needs. Make sure the vendor offers features that match your initial goals.

While you explore the software, you can also look for traits like:

  • User-friendliness: Consider how easy it is to use the software. Are the dashboards intuitive or complicated? Could you see your team using the tools easily, or do many questions arise?
  • Integration capabilities: By integrating grant management software with existing systems, your organization can create an end-to-end solution. Determine whether the provider’s software can support integrations and how that could affect your decision.

4. Ask About Customer Support

You can observe the vendor’s behavior during the demo process. It’s best to find a provider that you can see yourself working with closely. Use every interaction to see how they treat you and your team. The best providers are:

  • Experienced: Providers with a clear record of success often have more experience and knowledge than other options. It’s even more beneficial if they have experience in your industry or with similarly-sized organizations.
  • Descriptive: Vendors should be detailed and informative with their explanations. They can offer insights about how the grant management platform benefits your industry or provide tips about the best ways to use it.
  • Passionate: The best providers are passionate about helping others, constantly looking for ways to improve or expand their offerings.

In addition, ask about the vendor’s customer support offerings. Determine whether they provide support after the initial implementation and training phases. The more support you have, the easier your transition becomes.

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The right grant management software provider makes your transition seamless. If you’re seeking a high-quality grant management solution, choose IGX Solutions. 

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